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Welcome to our 14-Week Trauma Care Professional Coaching Certification Program

Are you ready to make a difference? To help individuals heal and be their best? Our comprehensive 14-week program is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to become a certified Trauma Care Professional and Trauma Recovery Coach.

Why Become a Trauma Care Professional?

With all the pressure and stress from a globally looming recession, insecurity, and even adverse personal experiences, becoming a trauma care professional will enable you to implement science-based behavioral health strategies in your systems, policies and procedures, increasing your overall productivity and culture. As a Trauma Care Coach, you will be able to offer more effective therapeutic interventions for your clients, and as a therapist, you will be able to better diagnose and offer better treatment regimens.

What You’ll Learn

  • Theoretical Approaches 1: Take a look into the theories that underpin trauma care.
  • Types and Impact of Trauma: Learn about the different types of trauma and their impacts on individuals and communities.
  • Toxic Stress, Vicarious trauma: - risk factors and prevention, and self-care planning
Level 1
Level 2


Browse through Trusted Reviews from Individuals who Passed through our Program
" I am a certified counseling psychologist with 16 years of practice, teaching, research, and practicum supervision. I thought I knew a lot about trauma before now. However, this course became an eye-opener leading me into myself and revealing who I had been and why I am at this point now. This course also established the fact that all trauma specialists need to undergo trauma therapy first before the journey begins. Indeed, I learned so much more from this course.
As a trauma course lecturer, this course has made a huge impact on how I deliver my lectures now. My students are testimonies of this. Excellent course this one is. It offers in-depth knowledge of trauma studies and how to provide care and intervention. A lot of literature was provided and lived cases were given as snippers for lessons.
Not only were the lectures delivered in a very friendly and supportive environment, but with equally efficient and supportive staff. Student services were promptly handled and their negotiation skills are much admired.
I would not have taken this course with these significant benefits anywhere else so I recommended it to my students and everyone else. "
Nyuiemedi Agordzo Edoh-Torgah
Licensed psychologist/ Postgraduate Programs Coordinator
University of Education, Winneba, Ghana
" I did the ITC coaching programme. I've been a coach for 11 years now and I've always had good feedback from my clients.
However, I now realize that I was only dealing with part of the issue with clients. I didn't recognize the trauma they were also carrying. A friend recommended the ITC Program and I decided to give it a go. It was part of my personal development for 2022.

Outcomes were A fuller and deeper understanding of trauma. The skills to be able to effectively and ethically help traumatised clients and the Tools to use to help clients.

Another result was that I became a lot more confident about what clients to accept or decline. I also became a lot more disciplined in terms of the duration of sessions.

It was most definitely value for money (more than actually). I think this course should be mandatory for anyone in the helping professions, as well as pastors and church counsellors. "
Funmi Johnson
Mental health coach
" I completed the Integrated Trauma Care Program with JARS in September 2021 and I can say that it was one of the most pivotal experiences I have had in my life.
The Program showed us how pervasive Trauma is, and what kind of ticking bomb we are all sitting on because of unresolved traumas... I kept having flashbacks of people around me whose "cries for help" I had missed and saw with alarming clarity the kind of ticking bomb I also had been sitting on, for almost a decade.
The program helped me "put a name" to my own trauma, recognize my knee-jerk reactions and the failed coping mechanisms I had deployed, and also pinpoint fortunate circumstances that kept me from "tipping over the edge". It was scary and therapeutic all at once: I felt seen, understood, and validated!
My gratitude goes to GOD, my Pastor who recommended this Program to me, our brilliant Prof Akin Merino, my Cohort members, and the entire JARS Team.

My recommendation to you reading this testimonial: TAKE THE PROGRAM, YOUR LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN!!! "
Olufolajimi Kuti
Finance Professional and Trauma Care Counselor
" I am a mental health counselor. I discovered Jars Education in September 2023 through a flier about the Integrated Trauma Care Training for Professionals. Joining was an instant decision as I recognized the importance of expanding my knowledge in trauma, especially in my line of work. Having graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University, Department of Psychology, where Trauma only received a superficial focus in our syllabus, Jars Education Institute became a valuable eye-opener. The shared materials simplified the learning process for me and made it easy to always refer back whenever there is confusion. Interacting with colleagues, particularly during our breakout sessions, added dynamics to the learning. I enjoyed Dr. Merino's teachings, she stayed patient all through with every one of us and made sure everyone understood her, she made it easy to learn and understand what Trauma truly is. I express my deep gratitude to Dr. Merino and the entire Jars Education team for their dedication and time in making this program well coordinated and a reality for me. It is an experience I would gladly repeat. God bless you all. "
Adewusi Ayonitemi
Adewusi Ayonitemi

Why Choose Our Program?

Our program is designed with a holistic approach, ensuring you’re equipped to handle all aspects of trauma care. You’ll be guided by the best Professors and Facilitators from across the globe! Top-notch international instructors for a fully engaged classroom environment.

You will have access to supervisory practicum with Faculty, and a wonderfully diverse community of Trauma Care professionals and fellow Coaches providing you with practical knowledge, insights, and mentorship. Upon completion, you’ll be certified as a coach and ready to make a real impact in the lives of those affected by trauma.

Join us today and start your journey toward becoming a Trauma Care Professional or Trauma Care Coach or practitioner. Together, we can make a difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have to be a professional in your field.

So, are you an industry professional, a Counselor, a Mental Health practitioner, a Medical practitioner, a Life coach, an Organizational or Executive Coach, a Religious leader; a Community leader, an Educator, Administrator?

Or Do you run a business or NGO?

Or Are you a professional in the business of caring for people or planning to?

The Traumatic Stress care Training for Professionals Program is specifically designed just for YOU!

Market Value is $2,500 – $3950.

We are offering the full 14-week program at discounted $1750!

Get further early bird rate of $1250 if you register and enroll today!

Foundation – $250

Level 1 (8 weeks) at $750 $500

Level 2 (8 weeks) at $1,250 $950

Yes there are partial scholarships available.  Please send an application to The Institute President via admin@jarseducation.com.

For payment plans – please message via https://wa.link/lqjifv for more info.