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President Akindotun Merino

Transforming Mindsets

If you’re feeling like single-instance, event-oriented training isn’t driving sustainable change in your organization; you’re not alone. Research confirms that most employees revert to old ways and habits once the training is complete. The good news is, there’s a better way, and we can help.
My name is Akin Merino, President of Jars Education, a unique and solution-focused professional training institute. According to our customers, Jars Training Institute is the best-kept secret in the training world. We have successfully graduated clients from various sectors of the society, including academia, business, non-profits, community, and government organizations.

Our solution-focused approach to training keeps the onus of success on the employee and Jars as the training partner. Unlike traditional training programs, our workshops are designed to keep your employees engaged professionally and personally well after the initial training event. We’re here to help you drive true and lasting change. ​
For the past 16 years, we’ve specialized in reinventing ways to meet the needs of our clients best. Our innovative three months Access program keeps us connected to you and your organization as you practice and progress towards your stated outcomes. This service is free, of course, because we’re committed to ensuring you succeed and can demonstrate value.
Leading companies/organizations such as Verizon, Women Congress, Children’s Network, Petrobras Oil and Gas, City of Rancho Cucamonga, County of San Bernardino, etc. are a few of our past clients who have utilized our services.

Our clients will:

Dr. Merino's Terse Bio

She is an avid advocate of leveraging human capital to create sustainable change. Dr. Merino is a global leader who articulates transcendent principles for the 21st century. She is especially interested in fostering opportunities to develop human capacities.

Professor Akindotun Merino has over 30 years of experience in training, education, business, and Psychology. She has served as President and Institutional Vice President of Academic Affairs, CEO, consultant, Executive Coach, and keynote speaker.

Dr. Merino serves as the Behavioral Health Commissioner in California and sits on other Boards. She has published several books.